About us...

At Holistic Babies London, we share a passion for family centred, evidence based care.

Our holistic care combines current research on infant feeding, sleep, and postpartum care with holistic therapies, tailored to your family's needs.


- We listen to you: upon meeting you in person or over the phone, we will carefully listen to your thoughts, desires and expectations in regards to feeding, sleep and baby care.
- We have a non-judgemental approach: we understand that not all parents share the same views when it comes to raising children, some will breastfeed and bed-share, others will bottle feed and will wish for indepenant sleep and some will be somewhere in between! What matters to us the most is that you feel supported in your choices. We are here to guide you along the way and offer you realistic goals, in line with the physiological development of your baby.
- We are not just there for your baby: our role is beyong caring for your baby. We want to make sure that not only you feel supported but that your family also feels included. It is important to us to involve parters, grand-parents, siblings. We love meeting everyone and will enjoy cuddling your baby and playing Lego with your child while you have a shower!
- We are flexible: we understand that no one can predict how a baby will sleep or how quickly you will recover from your birth. The only thing that is guarenteed is that birth is impredictable! Therefore, we want to offer you some flexibility in your booking. You can book as many nights as you wish to start off with, then reduce the amount when you feel better. We will do our best to acccomodate you and follow your healing process.
- We are part of a wonderful "baby community": because of our background, we have developed wonderful relationships with other healthcare professionals whose work is baby-centred. From paediatricians to cranio-osteopaths, neonatal dieticians, speech therapists, we are able to seek information for you or organise referral if required.
- You can reach us at any time: we understand that the first few days or nights away from the security of the maternity ward can be daunting. This is why you will be given our direct number and can text or call at anytime. We will make sure to get back to you as soon as possible to offer you reassurance.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Steph & The Holistic Babies London Team.

We are here for you & your family...

We are here for you & your family...