Breastfeeding Support

Breastfeeding is not always intuitive and easy. Whilst the NHS, WHO, and UNICEF all remind us how vital breastfeeding is- and it is, for many women and birthing people, breastfeeding is not always a straightforward journey.

Breastfeeding Consultation:

In one-to-one consultation in the comfort of your home, we will take a complete history of your health, pregnancy, birth, and any challenges met so far, support you with attachment and positioning, and ensure adequate milk transfer.

If all has been straightforward, and you need reassurance, one of our Newborn Care Specialists trained in breastfeeding (UNICEF) will attend to you and offer you reassurance, tips, and advice.

Reassurance visit with one of our NCS: £100 for 90 mins.

If you are experiencing more challenging aspects in your breastfeeding journey, Steph is the person for you.
She has been supporting breastfeeding people since 2009.

She completed her Lactation Consultant theory with the Breastfeeding London course (with merit) in 2018. Before this, she worked in the NHS for 7 years supporting infant feeding (Transitional Care/ SCUBU).

She will support you on your feeding journey using her background in midwifery and a deep understanding of how pregnancy and birth can impact the anatomy of babies and feeding.

She uses her knowledge of pregnancy, birth, and Reiki Healing to identify tensions and blockages that can affect breastfeeding, thus assisting babies who struggle to feed despite no apparent reason. She not only provides support with positioning and attachment, but also demonstrates massage techniques that can help your baby recover from the stress of birth.

She explores both the physical and emotional reasons behind breastfeeding struggles.

Fee: £150 for 120 mins.

Block sessions available at discounted rate