Jessie Morrison

Jessie Morrison @ The Reflexology Room

Jessie is based in West London and believes in the power of reflexology to rebalance your inner self and begin self healing.

She sees herself as not a healer but as a middle man to your healing.

Through her reflexology, it allows your body to start the healing it needs at the time.

Her clients come to her for a variety of reasons and with specific training in pre-natal and post-partum she has journeyed with many ladies through their pregnancies and beyond.

“Jessie has a true talent, I always feel immense benefit from her treatments, emotionally and physically, whether I have been for a general pick me up or when I have been to see her to help shift some of the heavier things going on in my life. I can’t recommend her enough! Five Stars.” B-J RABEN, MOTHER AND REIKI MASTER & CRYSTAL HEALER

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Jessie Morrison, Reflexologist @ The Reflexology Room

Jessie Morrison, Reflexologist @ The Reflexology Room