Day time support

Transitioning from hospital to home, or simply settling in with your newborn after a homebirth, can feel a little daunting. We understand that not everyone wishes to book full day/night support, so we offer flexible options to help you transition into your new life as parents under our guidance and care.

We highly discourage too much separation between mother and newborn, especially if you are breastfeeding and/or expressing your breastmilk, as it can disrupt your milk-making hormones.

For families who prefer day-time support, we offer flexible options. Whether it's a couple of hours in the day, half a day, or a full day, we are here to help.

For some families, it means catching up on sleep, attending to other siblings, pumping milk or going for a solo walk! For others, it's building confidence to care for their baby while we guide and support you, answering any questions you may have.

What you can expect from us during day hours:
- Support with breastfeeding your baby
- Discussion on expressing milk if that is something you wish to do
- Safe bottle feeding and how to feed a baby with a bottle
- Safe formula feeding
- Learning how to bathe your baby
- Safe sleep and sleep tips
- Taking your baby for a walk if you wish
- Holding your baby while you rest up, shower, or eat!

- Supporting you during the evening/ "witching hour" 

- Minimum 2-hour booking starts at £70
- Half-day (4 hours) starts at £120
- Full-day (8 hours) starts at £240