My name is Julia. I'm a qualified registered midwife since 2019 with great experience in caring for mums and newborns.

In 2021 I obtained a Masters Degree in Midwifery and wrote a dissertation focused on Lactation Care.

Currently I'm working as a part of a Homebirth Team in South West London NHS Trust, providing antenatal,
labour and postnatal care for families at home. I strongly believe in the benefits of Continuity of Care, holistic view over women and their families as well as creating plans tailored to their needs.

In my practice I always implement up-to-date, evidence based knowledge aligned with Mother's preferences and informed choices. My priority is to make you feel empowered, cared for and listened to in a friendly,
nonjudgmental and safe environment.

Aside from working in a hospital and community I provide postnatal support for mums and newborns, professional breastfeeding advice, teach essential skills (e.g swaddling, first baths, baby wearing, safe
sleep). My skills and broad knowledge of evidence based
recommendations, neonatal life support, child's development and sleep ensures your baby is in the safest hands.

With me you can also prepare for the arrival of your little one by learning about biomechanics, nonpharmacological pain relief techniques, hypnobirthing and aromatherapy in pregnancy and childbirth.

Whether you plan to have an elective c-section or unmedicated natural birth, I'm here to support you and advocate for you.

Privately I'm a very compassionate and easy going person. I speak fluent English, Polish and very good French. I'm quite an old soul living in a young body. My amazing job continuously keeps me on my toes, so in my free time I very much enjoy creative knitting projects, experimenting in the kitchen, reading detective novels and taking polaroid pictures.

Can't wait to meet you!