Holistic Babies London

When science meets holistic therapies

Holistic Babies London

When science meets holistic therapies

Herbal handmade products for mamas, papas & bubbas...

Having a baby makes you so much more aware of what you eat, breathe, apply on your skin.

Having worked with new parents for over 10 years, I know how worried you are about chemicals you expose your babies and children to.

Current reasearch is discovering more and more intersting evidence towards protecting our little ones microbiome (and ours), not only in their guts, but also their skin.

Parents often turn to me and ask "What is the best product to use on my baby's skin?". 

In the initial 6 weeks after your baby is born and while her skin adjusts to the life outside the womb the best product is plain water. 

More and more evidence are linking the use of baby's skincare with an increased risk of childhood eczema. And no, no well-informed midwife will ever think that, that well-known-brand of baby oil is a good idea... It is formulated with petroleum (yes, as the name says, a derivative of petrol!)

Of course, there are times when babies develop a nappy rash or you are aware of the chemical/ alcohol filled hand sanitisers sold everywhere (and all those plastic containers!) and you walk the aisle of your local pharmacy or supermarket, reading every label under the sun, confused about what it all means. This is where I come in, armed with my hand-made lotions and potions, and answer your needs!

Combining what parents want with an understanding of product formulation (I trained in pharmaceutical sciences, aromatherapy and herbal medicine many moons ago, in my natal France) and the art of product making, I have created a range of Herbal products, handmade in my kitchen! 

The products are made in small batches using the finest, mostly organic ingredients, all fair trade, in glass recyclable containers.

Once you have finished your product, send me the empty glass containers and I will clean, sterilise and refill them, bringing the cost down and helping protect our beautiful Earth!

Upon popular  demand, the range is expending, so keep an eye out for some exciting new products and new experiences, for use in pregnancy, labour & birth, breastfeeding, and the postnatal life... 



Herbal Hand Sanitiser: hydrating, soothing, antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal