Holistic Babies London

When science meets holistic therapies

Holistic Babies London

When science meets holistic therapies

Stephanie - Founder of Holistic Babies London


First, I would like to thank you for stopping by.

My name is Stephanie, but everyone calls me Steph.

Over the past 21 years, I have accumulated experiences, training and qualifications in both healthcare (pharmaceutical sciences then midwifery, lactation & holistic sleep coaching) and holistic healing (Reiki and Mindfulness & Meditation Training), which I now combine to support families postnatally. I am now studying towards my Masters Degree in Psychology with focus on Developmental Psychology, fueled by my passion of neuroscience and infant development. 

I live in South West London with my two wonderful children (I know, we all say that but mine are super little humans ;)), now 18 and 11.

I started Holistic Babies London in 2015, feeling frustrated with working in a busy NHS hospital and not being able to deliver the care I felt women and their families deserved.

Since then, I have supported hundreds of families in their postnatal journey, at times coming back to them with their second or third babies!

My desire to step away from the traditional model of maternity nursing has led me to recruit a wonderful team to work with and offer families something that has been missing for so long: a healthcare professional who will help you make the transition from hospital to home and into parenthood, someone you can turn to between the visits of your community midwife or health visitor. If you have any doubts, worries or question, myself or one of my colleagues will be able to help you, reassure you and, if necessary, refer you to the right professional.

It is always a privilege to be part of this wonderful, exciting yet daunting experience becoming a parent is. Please, be reassured, we are here to care, support and empower you and walk by your side along this wonderful journey!

See you soon,

Stephanie, Founder of Holistic Babies London

Newborn Care Specialist

Breastfeeding Specialist & IBCLC in training

Reiki Master Teacher

Gentle Sleep Coach



Steph, Newborn Care Specialist, IBCLC in training and Founder of Holistic Babies London