Sponsor a Mama


Sadly, too many women do not have the financial means to seek private help when breastfeeding doesn't go to plan, leading to their children & themselves missing out on the benefits of breastfeeding, but also a sense of guilt, failure which can lead to low mood, difficulties bonding & even contribute to postnatal depression.

With NHS services & volunteering services being stretched, more than ever women are facing breastfeeding struggles alone.

What do we do?

We offer one to one support, face to face when we can (and within the COVID 19 restrictions) as well as over video or phone call.

The money we raise helps cover our travel costs as well as some of our time as we also work full time, privately or in the NHS.

A private consultation for breastfeeding support can cost anything from £80 to £350 for a couple of hours.

What does this money represent?

Donating £100 means we can spend up to 4h with a woman who is struggling, £150 means we can help towards the cost of frenotomy (a medical intervention that releases the tongue tie & most of the time, allows the baby to breastfeed pain free), £200 means we can help with breastfeeding support & the purchase of a decent breast pump!

It can make all of the difference to a new mum & her baby!

Why is breastfeeding important?

Breastfeeding is important to all babies but even more to babies born in financially under privileged households.

Why? When discussing breastfeeding versus formula feeding, we must acknowledge our own privileges: a formula fed baby from a financially under privileged household may not have the same chances in life compared to a formula fed baby in a financially well - off family!

We know that breastfeeding reduces the risks of many childhood diseases, therefore, it will have an impact on the early years at school, where learning is crutial.

We know that a child who has good attendance at school will have increased chances of doing well academically. This also means, her / his parents / carers will be less likely to miss work, therefore showing better employment records, which in turns increases the chances of better income or career progression! That is the impact breastfeeding has: it doesn't stop at the baby!

Our mission:

We give our time, sometimes for free, to support women who cannot afford private care. We are passionate about empowering women on their breastfeeding journey, supporting, encouraging, reassuring through each step. We all work long hours but always find time between work & our families to answer to those who need us.

We see first hand the struggle women face daily & we want to bring more equality in the community, we believe ALL BABIES have the right to a good start in life!

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your donations, thank you for sharing the link & helping us create some equalities amongst women & their babies.

The Team at Holistic Babies London