Mindfulness for Kids Course 

"An unregulated adult cannot regulate an unregulated child..."

This child and parent mindfulness course is designed to teach relaxing techniques, coping mechanisms, and mindfulness to help you deal with the daily stresses of caring for babies and small children.


Increasing evidence in the field of psychology and psychiatry demonstrate the benefits of mindfulness:

- Relieving stress anxiety

- Improving overall health (benefits on the cardiovascular system)

- Better attention span, boost memory, decrease emotional reactivity, increase cognitive flexibility, improve relationships around us (including life partner, family, children, work colleagues), reduce the fight, flight, freeze mode, and a better immune response!

(American Psychological Association- 2012)

Mindfulness is a meditation practice that helps you calm down. It starts with focusing on your
breathing. It enables you to stay in the present instead of worrying about the past or future.
There are many benefits of mindfulness for teenagers and even young kids. It can be
especially helpful for those who are easily upset or impulsive, including kids with ADHD,
depression, anxiety or autism.
Scientific studies have proven that mindfulness works.
Mindfulness is a great skill for kids to learn. It helps them face daily challenges. The idea is
that when they pay attention to breathing out and breathing in, they start to feel calm inside.
Then, they can learn to notice their feelings, even upsetting ones. This gives them time to
decide what they want to do about the upsetting feeling, rather than reacting immediately.
For example, mindfulness can help them feel less anxious. It can stop them from having a
tantrum if they are frustrated or angry.
One mindfulness coach helps kids understand it by having them find their “still, quiet place.”
From there, she says, “They can learn to observe their thoughts and feelings, and they can
begin to choose their behaviours.”

From ChildMind

What will your child learn:

● Empowerment
● Identifying and coping with big and little emotions
● Body positivity
● Mindful eating
● Kindness and compassion
● Boundaries
● Tolerance
● Forgiveness

What will you learn:

● Coping strategies with your child’s big and little emotions
● Empowerment as a parent
● Connection with your child/ its importance
● Unconditional positive regard
● Compassion
● Regulating your nervous system
● Tools you can take with you anywhere that last a lifetime!

Breakdown of classes:
Week 1: self-esteem
Week 2: self-compassion
Week 3: Relaxation
Week4: body awareness
Week 5: Feelings
Week 6: Connecting with the body/Have fun
Week 7: Dreams

Course fee £150 pp
Location: Eye of Hatha 131 Dawes Road, Fulham SW6 7EA
When: Every Wednesday from 4pm to 4:45 pm
Small groups only: 5 children/parents per class.
Course fee: £150 for 7 sessions
Small group at your home: £100 pp
One to one: £350 with tailored-made sessions to suit your child's needs
Stephanie is a certified Mindfulness for Children Teacher, a Reiki Master Teacher and a trainee