Mindful Hypnobirthing

This 8-week course is designed to empower, educate, and change your approach to birth in
a positive way.

It is about bringing your mind to a state of calm, letting go of self-limiting beliefs and building
confidence in your body’s ability to birth your baby to remind you that you have control over
the events surrounding pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period.
This 8-week course takes place once a week at The Eye of Hatha, and each session will be
about building your confidence through theory and practice hypnobirthing sessions. You will
learn tools and techniques for your birth, whether home birth, birth centre birth, medically
assisted birth, or caesarean section. The tools you will learn will serve you in pregnancy and
birth and when you embark on your parenting journey.

The weekly sessions occur at the beautiful boutique yoga studio The Eye of Hatha in
Fulham. Weekly, you will enter a cosy, warm, and intimate space where your hypnobirthing
teacher, Steph, has created a profoundly relaxing and oxytocin-releasing environment- the
sessions take place in a soothing atmosphere where relaxing music is played. The room is lit
by candlelight while you soak in reiki Energy.

Classes are inclusive, solo parent, same sex couples very welcome.

Why Mindfulness?
Mindfulness is about being in the present curiously. Mindfulness focuses on the breath when
the mind wanders, and anxiety kicks in; it is about bringing the mind back to the sensation of
the breath and being present with it.
Mindfulness is a powerful tool that you keep with you. No matter what happens during the
birth and beyond, it allows you to stay in control.
It allows you to ground yourself, to be present in your own body and make the experience
yours and yours only.

By combining hypnosis and mindfulness, you benefit from what both therapies have to offer.
You are rewiring your brain through hypnosis and letting go of preconceived notions while
staying in the present moment. As you do so, your body shifts from anxiety and the flight
freeze response to the activation of the vagus nerve and the rest and digest, as the flight
freeze response and the cortisol/ adrenaline secretes inhibit the love hormone oxytocin,
being able to bring your body in “rest and digest” facilitates the production of oxytocin, an
essential hormones produced in labour and birth.

What will you learn from hypnobirthing:
● Empowerment
● Letting go of fear
● Finding strength
● Creating a safe space in your mind
● Coping strategies
● Kindness and compassion towards your body
● Boundaries

Benefits of hypnobirthing:
● Pain reduction
● Lower interventions
● Empowerment
● Clarity of choices
● Increased connection
● Reduces risks of caesarean birth
● Increased positive experience
● Skills for a lifetime
● Increased your connection with your partner/ birth partner
● Empower your partner to support you
● Equipped your partner with tools to support you
● Increased connection with your midwife/ obstetric team
● increased positive experience
● Skills learnt for a lifetime

What you will learn about birth:

Additionally to hypnobirthing, you will have a refresher on key physiological and
psychological elements of birth.

● Pregnancy and birth hormones
● How contractions (contraction waves) happen/ role of the uterus
● Interventions that can take place and why
● Positions that facilitate birth and why
● Pain relief options
● Induction
● Caesarean birth
● Breech presentation
● Postnatal care

What makes this course unique:
Hypnobirthing teacher Steph comes from an NHS midwifery background. After training and
working in the NHS for seven years, she combined her knowledge of pregnancy, birth and
breastfeeding with ancient wisdom and healing while training in holistic therapies such as
Reiki, Mindfulness and Meditation. Combining the two works in a beautiful synergy to
address physical and emotional challenges. Steph trained as a Hypnobirthing Teacher under
hypnotherapist Sophie Fletcher www.sophiefletcher.co.uk.

Course Fee:
£250 for eight sessions
Tailored one-to-one available: weekly/ weekend (fee depends on the number of sessions
booked/ location)
Online sessions: weekly session, £180

Eye of Hatha 131 Dawes Road, Fulham SW6 7EA

Monday group: 7 pm - 8 pm
Tuesday group: 8 pm -9 pm

Small group only (5 couples)



Credentials: Steph is a qualified, registered and insured Reiki Master Teacher & Meditation Teacher and a perinatal & child mental health advocate. https://search.cnhcregister.org.uk/?Name=stephanie+beucher&Radius=&City=&Postcode=&Therapy=